Why Symbi Chooses a Polished Concrete Floor

polished concrete floor

Our builders at Model ReModel 2022 are in the final stretch for completion of their 850-square-foot in-law suite addition in Hyattsville, Md., which means finishing the slab-on-grade concrete floors.

"To stay within budget, high-performance builders often have to find creative ways to fund the necessary sustainability upgrades in the envelope, mechanicals, and renewable energy," says Nicole Tysvaer, CEO of Symbi Homes. "In this case, we saved thousands of dollars by finishing the concrete floors, rather than installing hardwood or luxury vinyl tile." 

Costs came out to about $4.50 per square foot for finished concrete compared to $7.50 for LVT installed and $10 to $12 per square foot for wood floors to be installed, sanded, and stained.

Symbi Homes hired a professional concrete finishing company to complete the process, which involves grinding and polishing the slab, coating the floors with ReflectiShield Densifier to fill any imperfections and prevent future chipping, then applying ReflectiFinish Concrete Sealer and Guard to create a satin finish.

polished concrete flooring

The result is an organic stone look highlighting the natural aggregates of the concrete mix. In addition to saving money, these natural elements also align with Symbi's biophilic design principles.  

According to the Concrete Network, an independent resource for decorative concrete finishing, there are many advantages to a finished cement floor, including durability, low maintenance, and resistance to allergens. However, the network also acknowledges some disadvantages including hardness, occasional cracking, and the need for periodic resealing. 

Still, the options for concrete finishing are limitless in terms of colors, designs, and sheens (from satin to very shiny). Symbi opted for a natural concrete color and went without the stain and high gloss. However, Tysvaer plans to add area rugs in the living room and bedroom to add a touch of color and comfort. 

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