A Modern Kitchen With the Help of Ferguson

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The future of home design can be seen in the kitchens of today—outfitted for the technology of tomorrow. These modern kitchens feature connected appliances, low-touch fixtures and appliances, and increasing energy and water efficiency. And Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery brought all those modern elements into Model ReModel 2022.

The term “Internet of Things” describes all the physical home devices with a Wi-Fi connection that connect and communicate over a wireless network. In the kitchen, IoT can include an oven, refrigerator, faucet, or other devices with Wi-Fi-enabled sensors that improve efficiency, hygiene, and safety. These features are provided to make your life smarter, easier, greener, safer, and healthier.

ferguson kitchen appliances
Photos: Zach Miller Photography

The future kitchen also features intuitive and smart lighting, touchless faucets, hands-free appliances, and self-cleaning features. These features appeal to a customer’s sense of well-being and security by eliminating additional surface touches. In the future, hands-free fixtures and voice-activated solutions will be considered the norm to limit exposure to viruses and bacteria and increase safety and good health. 

More of today’s homeowners are conscious of their water and energy use, prompting a rise in efficient appliances and fixtures. GE Café appliances and Delta plumbing fixtures featured in Model ReModel 2022 provide the connection and efficiency these homeowners are looking for, with a beautiful aesthetic that will add to your home’s style, not detract from it.


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