Environmentally Safe and Powerful: Titebond Sealants and Adhesives


Titebond GREENchoice Subfloor Construction Adhesive and Ultimate PVC Trim Adhesive and Sealant played key roles in Model ReModel 2022. 

Model ReModel contractor Symbi Homes used the subfloor adhesive in the loft area to secure the flooring, reduce the number of nails required, and prevent squeaky floors. It provides a permanent bond with some flexibility, allowing the floor to flex as needed. 

The PVC trim adhesive was used to secure the mitered corners on the exterior trim, creating a water-tight bond between the trim and siding. This helped Symbi Homes create the perfect mitered corners required for the design. Both products are low-VOC and provide excellent bond durability and strength.

GREENchoice Subfloor adhesive is a water-based, non-flammable product that can adhere to most woods, including engineered lumber, particleboard, OSB, and wet, frozen, and treated lumber. It is environmentally safe, emits no harmful fumes, and helps promote healthy living and working environments.

Ultimate PVC Trim adhesive is a non-water-based advanced polymer product that is capable of bonding PVC trim to many materials, including wood, metal, masonry, other PVC trim, and more. It provides a flexible, durable bond and a weather-tight seal. It’s available in white, which is a common trim color and will match most other trim options.

The Titebond products helped the project meet its environmental goals, as both are certified to meet most green building standards.


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