Carbon-Negative and Powerfully Insulated: Greenfiber Sanctuary

greenfiber insulation

The use of Greenfiber Sanctuary blow-in cellulose insulation allowed the Model ReModel 2022 project to provide the insulation value and soundproofing needed for its inhabitants while providing a carbon-negative impact. 

Sanctuary cellulose insulation is made of recycled plant fiber and paper treated to reduce the chance of mold or mildew growth. The product is non-toxic, so there is no smelly off-gassing, and it is reusable and recyclable.

Sanctuary was installed in both the accessory dwelling unit’s ceiling space and wall cavities. For the ceiling, a mesh was attached to the rafters to hold the insulation, then loose cellulose was blown in with a large hose. After filling each cavity in the roof, Model ReModel contractor Symbi Homes chose to seal and cover the insulation with a piece of finished plywood for a natural wood look. 

greenfiber insulation
Photos: Zach Miller Photography

In the walls, the insulation was combined with a proprietary amount of water and sprayed into each wall cavity. The wet insulation creates a solid mass that can be trimmed with a large blade, and the excess is reused. 

By diverting paper from the landfill and using low-impact manufacturing and transportation methods, Greenfiber reduces carbon dioxide in the environment and saves the equivalent of 3,600 trees per home. It helps equalize a home’s temperature and prevents drafts and air leakage that can lead to higher energy use. Its soundproofing qualities also help occupants lower stress, sleep better, and feel healthier.


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